Out of work, homeless or just down on your luck?

Keep scrolling down or…

YOU didn’t lose your way.

You CAN GET UP and stay up. Stand and be counted, proud.

Welcome to the Human Bounce Initiative created by No Evils, Inc. a United States 501(c)(3) Non-profit.

This is just the beginning of this web site. The goal here is to give you some LIGHT for your path HOME, or to your new one. The place where you can love yourself.

Beyond that is the life you have in this world.

We’re going to give you some ideas to:

  1. Smile again
  2. Get back to work, or get a better suited job or career
  3. Have a stable home life
  4. Be a good influence to others around you
  5. Create tools to help you make new goals

More coming soon! Take care of your health in the meantime. =)

Tomorrow is a new day
Another chance to do something different
To bless yourself with forgiveness
And praise the day
As no other day will be like it
If you are happy today,
don’t make any big changes.
If you are very unhappy today,
make a big change.
Be the person you’d like to meet
over and over again
And be happy to see.

About the writer.
Sarah “Lusor” Spielberg is the founder of No Evils, Inc. and is a freelance writer.