Speaking Up

For Children, Elderly and Infirm

It is so easy to think that someone not doing much that is living and breathing, not complaining is actually okay. Children and elderly do not have as many tasks to do as thriving youths and working adults. They may actually need MORE ATTENTION than those in schooling and workforce. It is so easy to be busy getting things done, that the very young and very old are overlooked.


The youngest of humans haven’t yet learned of what all the pains mean.


The oldest of humans have learned to accept pains they can’t easily remove.

It is the responsibility of the healthy to look after the infirm, youths and elders. The major part of this is OBSERVATION and the willingness to ACT UPON A PROBLEM. Not everyone has money to spend, or the time, or the strength to help others. However, most people possess the ability to SPEAK UP, and REPORT to others who can help.

Complacency is like like a windless sea and ship with empty sails.

Humanity was born to communicate and share problems, and was given minds for problem solving.

Have you ever asked someone, “At what level are you being brave?”